Delusional minds

Running away always

From and to, back and forth

Into different galaxies and worlds,it

slips into

only to find another blackhole

To fall into and don’t know where

And if I am standing outside, not 

running anywhere

For sometime

Thinking not to think again

To fall into its nothingness again

The cruel waves always push me 

backwards to nowhere

People say it’s just in my mind

But they don’t know me,

they don’t understand

Why into another universe l 

let myself slip into

Then these spaces in between left

Between the real and 

the nothingness

If nothing is unreal outside, 

then inside

Nothing that is real exists

I let it remain pure

I wonder if you know

How is it to touch a time

That never existed

How is it to feel a moment

That was never born

In and for this physical world

It’s where we both don’t physically are

With no guilt and regrets

Maybe in another universe the wind 

can stop for me 

And that universe is only within me

In a delusional mind

Time that never existed, 

exists for me.