For I do not care now
The things falling
I want all the branches
cut away from me
Go away and leave me
where we started
the beginning
There is no our left
I don’t want any we
I do not care for any soul
Or heart, anymore
I am no more me
The new ones
Hide away from me
The flame is still burning
inside me
I might burn the pages yet unturned
I do not want a future now
And I do not want to care
About the things breaking
About the world falling apart
Again and then again
Life is a vicious circle
Beware of just living
I am not longing for the end
But I do not want to wake up
Everyday, with the same reason
Like the sun or the moon
Like the stars or the lights of your room
Because things lose their value
If they are used daily
But each day you lose a bit of me
and that’s why I do not care now
Anything that’s about us or we.