Sand Castles

I have not seen you yet, but
I see
I see how you want to be seen as
to the knowns and the
unknowns around you, with you
but they still do not know you

I wonder what you tell me
if you tell the same to others
either way, but it is
a beautiful thing
if one could completely understand
a stranger
a human like you

I heard it once that evil
is not born but made
because people fear the creation
sand castles get break
an innocent once, still
i can see you smiling on your
broken parts, still alive

They don’t know you
you do not have to tell them
if only a heart asks you
to come and sit
alone with it
would you dare, would you
come to me?

I want to hear your voice, your sad voice
you hide in your happy tone, we haven’t talked
but I can still hear it
your crying eyes
the stories you hide in your photographs
the objects falling in your heart

can you show them to me, can you
would you?

The sand you are, it’s okay
to be dry
deserts are beautiful too

Do you think we should run
away for a while
and be naked
of all our fears, insecurities,
lies and truth you hide
vulnerability is not
an embarrassment.

I know you will find yourself
one day, somewhere, willingly
you will solve yourself, but
your flaws too deserve
The love
your imperfections, your chaos
is no hard riddle,
for people are complicated
sometimes, but not love.

It is not a good time for you
to read this perhaps
the words will always be less
to really know a feeling, or a heart

if world gets better for worse or
worse for better
i will still love you for
what you today are

But would you dare, would you
walk with me today?



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