Through the trees

We can stick anything on the wall
and cry without shedding a tear
for hours, for days, for years
If you ask me, what do I do
switch off the lights and fan
for hours and do nothing, but stare
in darkness
you feel no air
no you’re not choking yet
but you’re enjoying the pain
You’re not ghost yet
but the blade in your right hand
is smiling, it’s cute and innocent
ironically you’re vulnerable here
No we are not tragedies
We never were
we never haunted anyone
Though wandered and still
we are lost somewhere
in the middle of an unknown forest
some fools call it Life
No we don’t look like ghosts
and we are not funeral homes
Yes maybe we are lost
Let me hold your hand
and search your things lost
Tell me what did you lose today in you?
Believe me it’s been here
Lost among these woods
Maybe it’s lost in the autumn leaves
Through the trees
I will find it for you
The lost smile
But let us not become tragedies
Come, you may weep with me
Leave me when you find someone better than me
Tell me what died in you today?
Let me kiss it
Maybe you’ll be able to let it go
Let go
because we are not cemeteries
Holding on to something, which is dead
Move forward
And tell your heart not to fuck with you again
Make love to yourself
And don’t get scared
Go slow
You are new
I’ll leave you silently
when you’ll find yourself
and you no more need me with you.

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