The Birth

A friend of mine
doesn’t want the other to shine
my body asks both to calm
inside of me, the dead is still alive
inside of me, the hell and heaven reside
and they both are never satisfied
but I always believe deep inside
some day they both will realize
that love will come back soon
maybe the wings are still in cocoon.
But the sky in me never fails to show
on the other side lies the ray of hope
I sometimes wonder
if the Sun is born from the dark night
or if the Moon is child of the shining light
if the hell and heaven sometimes are satisfied
and when the fear to love is gone
they may give birth to a shine
inside of me, the dead may die
inside of me, my soul will be alive
it may be the sun’s or the moon’s shine.
Till the sky in me resides
I shall hope for the shine
when it will be a new day
someday, a sun or a moon will born inside!

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