Well, you only know
is actually when you realise
that what you lived so far
happened in your sleep was brutalized
when someone switches on the light in night
you realise it is time to wake
maybe because there is a need, not want
it is not a nice weather outside
and only water heals the burning inside
but it has turned into ice
what do you do?
defreeze it, take it out
hold it in your hands
feel its melting
feel how it is softening
and while you are feeling
do you realize you are not sleeping?
and it is changing
because of you, only for you!
but you only need light when it is low
like you only think of water
when you are thirsty, you know
only because you are feeling low
you miss it, till you need it
or maybe you just want it
I don’t know
because love comes slow
and you leave so fast
somethings won’t follow you
either way it is upto you
either way You will leave
till you need or want it back
but you only know
is actually when you realize
love is not a want
Love is when you don’t have to say Goodbye.

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