Cracked Choices

long or short
known or unknown
in dark or day
takes you somewhere
wherever you want
whatever you want
which one you take
but the other is always there
it is not gone
even when you are not there
because object permanence
tell that objects continue to exist
even when they can not be observed
heard or felt
and only when you are not just walking
in your desire
to reach your destination so fast
don’t forget that cracks had always been there
because every road has been used
maybe if you wish
you just have to bend a little more
because things on road
are smart enough to hide the cracks
maybe next time when you walk
on a different road
and if it is a new
Oh Sadist! Tell it the forbidden truth
that you will always use it
whenever you want it
forget about it
while walking on the other road
time when others are more convinient than it
that no matter what
you are meant to give the cracks
and it is always your choice to give it or not
but the road
does not feel good
to be someone’s option
without purposes
and intentions
without desires
will always be there
long or short
known or unknown
in dark or day
will take you somewhere
till you finally destroy it
not because it likes the pain
but existence is in vain.

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