if your are laughing now
i hope you know what it’s about
when you’re learning to be happy
laugh in all the situations
you have not lived yet.

do words really have meanings,
when eyes and smiles are still present?

i hope you know
what’s your happiness all about
is it pure,
or are you still in unconscious denial
with the aimless drift of your laughs?

do laughs have different colours,
when the reason is only one?

breathe it out
and how many laughs you miss?
breathe it in
and how much happiness you take in?
you can’t count either.

does time wait for your happiness,
or you make your time happy?

the moment frozen has melted
the flaws are everything
and scars are everywhere
you deform to form a star again.

do you feel your happiness
in your head or in heart?

is it in your dream,
or in life?

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