Back To Black

I can not see your colors anymore.
It seems that I can not,
I can not take it anymore.

You see light and run after
You see another, because it’s better
You run away
Run away from one to another
And you think you’re following the Real.

But what is Real?
And what is your Light?

I don’t want to see your colors tonight.

You ask me not to go back to Black
But I’m no light

I’m just a troubled child.
You think hope is the only light
But I see
How light interrupts night
And it says, “Hello! why so Black?
What is this colour you wish to fill your void?”

Hope and light comes in all colors
But I can not really tell
If the colors are real?

And when it’s fused
It all gets black

You run away

And I go back to Black.


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