Hold me hard. Hold me tight.

Oh my heart! Don’t let me go right.

Hold it as hard as you can,

‘Cause things have their way of turning bad.

What’s logic? And what’s truth? 

Isn’t it strange that on edge we are together, not anymore?

How much could you pretend?

And ever felt it’s not you this time, but some things.

Situations make delusions or creators are pretentious, I don’t know.

They load a gun to protect you, 

But the realities are never real.

When things turn upside down,

And you want to swallow,

You try, try and try to swallow each particle 

That make your things turn the way you never wanted to;

But the glass breaks!

How far could you catch the falling?

How far can you pursue your dream in sleep?

The broken pieces never agree to get together,

Under a bandage, a crack still remains,

An unfilled wound hurts you.

Hasn’t yout heart turned like a glass menagerie?

You still believe in magic!?

Fiction, a folly, dear!

People escape!

Don’t ask me for reasons anymore, dear!

If you believe truth never works in real!

Why do they do what they think is right?

People have a tendency to leave you in night.

And before the death aparts, 

Who’s been there with you in life?

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