Set all aside, the downtrodden one

has gone long back, and

the merciless never tried to call her back,

her decisions were never essential,but

she had her one own finally,though

the faithful tried to melt the ice,

Ah! Her capabilities, the best shots, all in vain.

just like her love lead astray.

she escaped the sun’s flame,

and ran over the marked line.

with no one by her, she walked,

and walked by herself.

she was still in the flashbacks of her past,

never passé away with the rising conflicts,

or dealt with the piled up questions.

she knew well, she was drowning,

amidst the bottomless ocean,

neither she had courage to step on another boat,

nor the Siberians melted, for whom they?

cold waves of ocean had made all the hearts cold.

Ah! The trivial was boundless,

with no directions, to walk where now?

she couldn’t think through any spell,

which could help bring her love back.

In the blind affair, 

the entity lost, silence surrounds.

With home became homeless.

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