Just as I step ahead,
A bit away from the edgy bed
Of the road, I was walking on
With continuous din and dim from all spheres.
With all my mood and me only,
Walking like winning the world holy!
A stranger walking ahead of me,
And I wanted to walk and walk 
Like same behaviour of human insanity,
Leaving behind their each rock,
Huh, people the hawks!
But still what I found,
With just every step I walk ahead
The shadows of us on the road
Seems to have no colour, no dress,
Neither biological structure
Nor any biological process,
For sure, not practiced any dogma,
Dogma, that makes us debilitated either
Or a terrorist for other.
The shadows still seem like talking.
Talking, but with no words, 
Words, that make our language.
The language, that separates me and him,
Me, you and entire mankind.
They were teasing
And crossing over each other
With no money to buy 
Any playing stuff or gloves.
With no money, to show off
if any of them is rich or poor.
Both walking in peace, 
Without harming any, at least,
Not killing each other.
They were just fell in benevolence
Which made his shadow 
A human for mine!
Let's create the same feel of
Benevolence among the mankind,
Let's save the other Peshawar and Sydney,
Let's save our mothers and sisters,
From being slaves in our only world,
Let's not see another 26/11 or 9/11,
Let's not be the marginalized shadows in our home, 
Let's be the change, and march together,
Smallest ants cast the longest shadows,

                                                                                ~aneesha sopori

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