The Whispers 

Search, Night

Grey, Hide

What’s there in me when I am not alive?

I whisper like the jasmine petals 

Mixed with some sandlewood 

With a few drops of smell of an old page

And some coffee beans

Maybe it’s like re- visiting an old familiar street

In night, searching something unknown yet known

Somewhere, in all those colourful bright night lamps 

So gently, I keep you like an evening 

With me for a while, and then I hide 

I have to, somewhere in the grey sky

It is always blue, sometimes red is my sky

it has to, till, you don’t come back

Like tides I live 

I lose my existence as soon as you try to define me 

Especially in the new places 

I whisper in your ears so softly,

“please, don’t find me”

I fear  I might lose you again

You say you won’t leave me 

But all things must pass 

So you and I live for a while

Till this smell keeps whisperings things

To me and you

When you lose your favourite smell 

Smell that whispers like morning dews

That touches your morning blues 

Tell me, where will you find me,

Say, where shall I find you, again? 

Do you ever find the same smell again?

The same whispers touching your fingers, your hair 

Do you really feel the same touch ever again?

Say, can you hear me

Can you still feel my smell,

In memories, in letters that I sent

My letters whisper do you remember me?

My pitch is not high now, I can’t scream 

I can’t cry now

For all these years my touch has always been used 

I am the one brutalised

I fear I might lose my voice soon

But that won’t stop me asking to my people

To come back in valley again

Till my last breath, I will not lose a single hope

My sky is still red, I will not die 

I will still whisper, if can’t scream 

But tell me

After you left that street

Did you leave me too?

Will you comeback for me, to me?