Forget it, Nevermind.

Something similar happens. Everytime.
You don’t feel nostalgic
for the things to be forgotten
Forget it, and Nevermind.
The more you are in it,
the chaotic it becomes
So forget it, Nevermind
Where’s the meeting, and
Where’s the end
and the mystery of the horizon?
I see no Earth, nor the sky
Memories are the worst way of suicide
Sometimes I think I can’t write anymore,
I write shit, but I try
Try to think better daily
Inside me, it’s full
Yet this chaos is empty inside
Inside me, what do you find now?
There’s no mystery, no me
When it’s all in the middle,
Even my demons shy away from me
a desperate hopeless
search of unknown
that seems as Nothing
I want hope
In the middle…spinning…
something similar happens…Oh!…
Forget it, and Nevermind.IMG_20171011_234826_806